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My Mouse Story

Copyright © by Ben Whisman. All rights reserved.

So, my mouse story.

Once upon a time, in the house where I grew up, there was a mouse. Now, the house had a field and woods behind it. So mice were not too uncommon, but usually were dispatched by our mama dog, before getting to (or in!) the house.

Not this mouse. This was a hardcore, braveheart, tough-ass mouse.

The mouse moved in the house.

Attempts to catch or kill the mouse? Well, nothing seemed to work.

Mouse traps, the usual, cheese, whatever…this was one amazing mouse. Leave the cheese but spring the trap. Spring the trap and steal the cheese! What on earth was going on?

I mean, my dad grew up on a farm and knew how to hunt and catch animals. The dog couldn’t catch the mouse. What was going on? What kind of super-powered, alien-mutant, psycho-genius mouse was this?

Well, one night, after several days of unsuccessful mousing….

…The mouse appeared.

But this was no ordinary, run-of-the-mill field mouse. No, sir.

This mouse had long back legs. This mouse jumped at least two or three feet up and over, in one hop, completely missing the mousetrap (behind the TV, baited with nice cheddar) and appearing right in the living room in front of them. (Maybe me too, I don’t recall, I would’ve been fairly young.)

Said mouse appeared fearlessly, nay, brazenly, in the middle of the living room and stood and stared at them (probably stuck out its tongue and razzed ’em) before jumping off, kangaroo-style, and hiding again.

What happened to this astonishing mouse, you ask? Well, the mouse, alas, died a hero’s death and was ne’er seen again, ’tis sad to report.

However…at least one mouse in a field in Texas was a real African jerboa kangaroo mouse.

Strange, weird, but true.


Note: A good friend says there are kangaroo mice where he’s from, the great southwestern desert in the USA. So the nefarious mouse was actually an American kangaroo mouse…probably my friend’s cousin’.

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