Computer Drive


Some things seem to have a mind of their own, and you need help to figure them out.

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Ben Whisman

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Adair, Mitchell
Age 15. Grade 9. Introvert. Good at English. Bad at computers. Only child. Kevin is his best friend.
Adair, Mrs. Jill “Mom”
Mitchell’s Mom. Outgoing. Happily married but quiet about it.
Adair, Mr. Jack “Dad”
Mitchell’s Dad. Quiet but friendly. Happily married but quiet about it.
Adair’s Male Friend
Man who is a friend of the Adair family. Introvert. Never married.
Raggett, Kevin
Age 15. Grade 9. Extrovert. Good at computers. Bad at English. Strong sense of humor. Mitchell’s best friend. Xavier’s older brother.
Raggett, Xavier “Rugrat”
Age nearly 12. Grade 5. Kevin’s younger brother. He may try out "X" as a nickname.
Raggett, Mrs. Anne (Mom)
Kevin and Xavier’s Mom.
Raggett, Mr. Andy (Dad)
Kevin and Xavier’s Dad.
Age 15. Grade 9. Unfriendly boy at school. The feeling is mutual.
Age 15. Grade 9. Very literal-minded boy at school. Doesn’t like or understand teasing.