Egg Rolls – Ben’s

Ben W.

Suitable for vegetarian / vegan diets. Uses no animal or dairy products.

Makes about 24 egg rolls. Serving size: 2 or 3 per person. Serves: 8 to 12 people.





(2 batches: one for marinade goes in filling; one for dipping sauce.)

For each batch:


Whisk all marinade ingredients in small bowl. Pour into large mixing bowl.

Shred or dice all vegetables, and add each into large mixing bowl.

Toss thoroughly to blend and coat veggies evenly with marinade.

Spray or brush cookie sheet with oil. Preheat oven to medium heat, 375°F.

On a large cutting board or large pie plate, spread cloth or paper towel and moisten completely with warm water. Place a spring roll wrapper in center and moisten fully with warm water for 15 to 30 seconds, until wrapper is pliable to wrap, but not dry and brittle, and not too wet to tear or get mushy. To ease assembly, repeat about 6 layers each of towel and wrapper. Brush or spray with veg oil. Place a small handful, about 2 to 3 tbsp of the veg filling, in a line parallel to edge of wrapper nearest you. Turn left and right edges over to cover. Take horizontal edge nearest you and roll away, wrapping the edge and tucking in the corners (ends) and keeping the filling tightly packed as you go, with cupped hands, in a smooth motion. This is like wrapping a burrito. Tuck trailing edge to rest on bottom. Place on cookie sheet. Spray or brush outside with oil. Set aside towel from layer and repeat with another spring roll. Continue until all 24 are prepped.

Reserve any marinade sauce in small bowl for dipping. Chill. Prep 2nd batch of sauce for dipping.

Place cookie sheets in oven and bake about 10 to 15 min., turning each spring roll once to bake evenly, until crisp and golden brown. Let cool 5 min., plate and serve on saucer with small dip bowl.

The dipping sauce has both Southwest American and Southeast Asian flavors. Try also lime or lemon or orange. If a thicker sauce is desired, add 1 tsp corn starch and whisk. Optional: Reduce sauce over low heat, then chill before serving.

Variant with Meat fillings

Divide veggie filling into equal parts.

Prep 1 part veggie only and remaining parts, use:

4 oz. Each Chicken, Pork, Shrimp, Fish, or Beef.

For each: Chop fine and brown in a few tbsp oil, until beef, chicken, or pork are well done; or fish or shrimp is opaque white or pink.

Toss browned meat into part of veggie filling until evenly combined.

Wrap and continue as in assembly above.


Some recipes suggest quick-frying with a few tbsp veg oil in a wok or medium skillet. Others deep fry and drain on paper towels. The method to brush with oil and bake uses the least oil.

Citrus: lime or lemon or orange flavors, both in the filling and the dipping sauce.

Add squash as mentioned earlier.

Try diced or crumbled tofu rather than a meat variant.

Cheese? But don't get too far away from the Asian flavors.

Other spring roll variants have spicy hot chili peppers, for people who like it hot.

I'm not sure of the results, but you could try that Cole Slaw sauce as a dipping sauce.

Although sweet-and-sour sauce is usual, you could try BBQ or honey-mustard...or red cocktail sauce ...or whatever suits you. Give preference to an Asian tradition to compliment the spring rolls, though.