Moist & Savory Bread Stuffing

Aileen Crafton

Note: This recipe may be from Mamaw Rayburn OR from her daughter, Aileen Crafton.

Preparing dressing:

Combine hot water, butter, celery, and onion (except green onions). Bring to boil & simmer 5 min. Add to remaining ingredients, mix well.

If more liquid is needed, add a little hot water. Mixture should be the consistency of whipped (mashed) potatoes. You can use a pastry blender to break any lumps in bread. Add the 4 green onions, mix well.

Bake dressing or stuff bird:

You can either bake the stuffing separately (lowers the fat), or stuff the bird as below.

If baking the dressing, bake at 325° for 30 to 45 min.

If stuffing bird, roast turkey in 325° oven, covered, about two hours or until nearly done. Remove and dip out drippings and save them, as you may want to use in giblet gravy. Then place stuffing around turkey and continue roasting uncovered, 30 to 45 min.

Note: This recipe will stuff an 18 or 20 lb. turkey or can use for 10 lbs. Delicious!