Spaghetti Sauce à la Ben

Ben W.

Note to new cooks: If your sauce sticks, don’t scrape the pan and do transfer it to another pot. This needs a really big stewpot, and another for the pasta.


Stir well. Allow above to simmer together on medium to low heat for at least 20 min., stirring often.

Then Add:

Note 1: My mom would’ve preferred more Tabasco, I’m sure. She always added some to her serving.

Note 2: Add some nice red wine, a few ounces, if you like.

Stir well. Let simmer on low heat, stirring occasionally, for another 20 min. or longer, until all vegetables are tender and sauce has reduced to a good thickness.

Serve over cooked pasta, whether spaghetti or other noodles. The amount of sauce for each serving should be greater than or equal to the amount of pasta. Sprinkle a generous amount of grated Parmesan to taste. (Use either the standard Kraft can or better yet, get some freshly grated Italian cheeses in the dairy section, such as Parmesan, Mozzerella, etc.)

Serve with garlic bread and preferably, a fresh salad with lots of veggies in it. Italian dressing or ranch if you prefer.

Note: If you are single, invite your significant other or some friends, or give away or freeze at least half of this!