Pizza Homemade

Pizza Dough

Courtesy C.J. Cherryh

Pizza Homemade

Ben W. BlueCatShip

Nearly all my ingredients are ready to assemble, except dicing the Canadian bacon.

The one thing I’m not doing homemade right now is, I’m using Ragù sauce (traditional thick and chunky, though I prefer the garden style flavor) and tomato paste. I will simmer down the sauce to get it the right thickness.

Oh, still have to pound the garlic to smithereens and sprinkle it on the pizza. Any vampires will just have to deal.

Pizza Toppings:

Pizza sauce base — basically a marinara sauce or spaghetti sauce, but the thickness of tomato paste. A thin layer over the crust except the edges. — It is quite possible I am saying the wrong things for the sauce. If so, cooks and Italians may want to correct me, please.

For the Shejidan pizza, I’m going to try a basil pesto base with spinach.

Mozzarella shredded, and by rights, should include Parmesan and maybe Asiago. But we have cheddar, so hurray for England.

Veggies: Bell peppers (green and red), onions, mushrooms, olives (double), I like black olives), the garlic sprinkled around. I’m going to add chopped artichoke hearts (canned) to the Shejidan pizza.

Meats: Hamburger bits/crumbles, diced Canadian bacon, pepperoni. sausage if I had it. Chicken or other fowl are good. This time, I’ll use these meats on the Shejidan pizza, but next time, chicken or turkey. I’m curious if some kind of fish plus shrimp would work.

A bit more cheese to be sure things hold together. All these in thin, sprinkled around so every slice gets some.