Fish Broil With Veggies

Ben W.

This recipe was submitted for the FoodScape 1 or FoodScape 2 cookbooks.


Ingredients ~ Fish Broil

Directions ~ Fish Broil

  1. Drizzle bottom of pan with olive oil.
  2. Pour in citrus juice(s);
  3. Sprinkle lightly Mrs. Dash and Season Salt on both sides of each fillet;
  4. Add a dollop of margarine or butter atop each fillet; (or drizzle olive oil)
  5. Cover; Cook at 350 deg. F. for 10 min.;
  6. Turn over each fillet; Baste each fillet with sauce (just spoon it on); Sauce is now a thin broth;
  7. Continue cooking uncovered for 5 min.;
  8. Check fish to see if it is done and if it is browning or drying out too quickly;
  9. Baste each fillet with sauce (just spoon it on); Sauce is now condensed;
  10. If necessary, continue cooking for 5 min., covered or uncovered;


Ingredients ~ Veggies

Directions ~ Veggies

  1. In skillet, Sautée 5 min. on med. heat, the celery, bell pepper, and onion;
  2. Add tomato and yellow squash; Sautée 5 min. on med. heat;
  3. Either ~ Serve on the side;
  4. Or ~ Add vegetables over fish; Cook 5 to 10 min. to blend flavors;

Serves: 4 large or 8 regular servings;


This is a no-fail broiled fish recipe (at least for me). It’s very flexible. I add to or omit from the juices or veggies. You can use olive oil, margarine, or butter. I usually use a little margarine. Diabetics should use the olive oil.

About the citrus juices: The lemon juice is the key. The others can be omitted or kept, depending on how much citrus flavor you want. You can use juices fresh or bottled or prepared from frozen canned juice. I often use bottled RealLemon. Use any or all the juices. You could also add pineapple juice and crushed pineapple. Diabetics should avoid the orange juice.

The trick is to keep the foil on initially, then to baste with the broth. That way, you avoid over-browning and drying out the fish. If the fish fillets are large and thick, allow 20 to 30 min. cooking time; 40 min. if very thick. If they are thin or small, allow about 15 to 20 min.

Check the fish first at about 10 min., then every 5 min. afterwards. With a little practice, you’ll know when they’re just right. The fish is done when it is opaque white or salmon-colored. If it is translucent, it isn’t done. Anything after that allows for browning and condensing the sauce.

The veggies are optional. Add what you like. They may be steamed or sautéed. They may be served over the fish or on the side. You could serve the fish over brown rice.