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Ben Whisman

When My Time Is Done At Last

By Ben Whisman

Draft: ; Final: ; (Added last two verses.)
    1. When my time is done at last,
    2. Be it an instant, months, years passed,
    3. Though all my sense and memory dim,
    4. Let my love be true.
    1. I have known love and loss, in life,
    2. And things I cannot fathom,
    3. They are too big, too deep, to know,
    4. Yet in its many forms, I recall love best.
    1. Memories of those long gone?
    2. I’ll see them soon enough.
    3. Their loss is temporary.
    4. What matters is the love we share.
    1. Present limits press upon me?
    2. Nothing can contain my spirit’s flight,
    3. When my daydreams go roaming.
    4. Anything is possible, limitless, like love.
    1. The future, uncertain, far or too short?
    2. My time here will be what it is,
    3. Beyond the veil, another life awaits.
    1. When my time is done at last,
    2. Dear loved one, worry not,
    3. Though now you grieve, it’s true.
    1. Though for a time, we may be apart,
    2. We are together, within our souls;
    3. Someday, we will be forever rejoined.