Weep Not, But Shout For Joy!

  1. Weep not, but shout for joy,
  2. When at last your grief is spent.
  3. The chains of physical limits,
  4. Now are broken and thrown away.
  5. Oh, leap, leap for joy!
  6. For I am free at last to leap, to run!
  7. Look, see with eyes that have not seen!
  8. What beauty in subtle shades and vibrant tones!
  9. Listen, hear with ears that have not heard!
  10. Gentle murmurs and raucous noises sound!
  11. To move on limbs that could not.
  12. Move, with graceful motion.
  13. At last to feel, without pain.
  14. At last to smell, to taste, freely.
  15. No longer am I stuck in my physical self.
  16. No more hospitals, no more in-home care.
  17. See, I am free. There is so much more, here.
  18. Hey! I even have hair!
  19. I know now you hurt. I miss you too.
  20. But I am here with you, just ahead, a little beyond.
  21. Don’t regret things said or done or not.
  22. I wasn’t perfect either. Big deal.
  23. Don’t wonder what might have been.
  24. For now there is more, and time enough.
  25. Were you a friend, a love, who might have been?
  26. Don’t pine away or beat yourself up.
  27. There are more people around you. Love them.
  28. I’ll be here when you get here.
  29. Someday again, you’ll laugh and sing and play.
  30. Let it be soon. Enjoy life. I’ll enjoy seeing you.
  31. If at times you miss me and grieve, that’s OK.
  32. It’s only for a little while, a few tens of years at most.
  33. Meanwhile, every once in a while,
  34. You may see me in some way.
  35. Maybe some little thing will remind you of me.
  36. Don’t shy away. Enjoy what’s good.
  37. That’s OK. Don’t be sad or wonder why.
  38. We love each other. What else matters?