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Ben Whisman

Tumbleweeds and the Wind

By Ben Whisman ~

    1. Our lives may seem sometimes, like tumbleweeds,
    2. Directionless and uprooted, a twisted mess,
    3. Tossed lost and dead without purpose,
    4. By the changing, faithless winds.
    1. Sometimes, we may feel we are chasing the wind,
    2. As futile as following the tumbleweeds.
    3. What the wind brings, what use is it,
    4. To ourselves or those around us?
    1. Yet the wind carries more,
    2. It exists, though we can’t see it.
    3. It carries sounds and smells and smoke,
    4. Great messages for those who can read them.
    1. It carries seeds to plant new life,
    2. To nourish and shelter those around.
    3. Though some fall short or grow to weeds,
    4. Even they are not without meaning.
    1. Some find beauty and purpose in weeds
    2. And know they are not ugly or useless.
    3. Other seeds become trees and forests,
    4. While others become crops of the field.
    1. Yes the wind carries more,
    2. It exists, though we can’t see it.
    3. It uplifts birds and bees, butterflies and fireflies,
    4. The great and small alike.
    1. It is not as random or faithless or purposeless
    2. As we sometimes fear, in our angry breaths.
    3. The wind is directed by a higher purpose, as are we.
    4. We are not merely tumbleweeds, or chaff on the winds.
    1. Find rest and a place to take root.
    2. Find ways for your seeds to come out and grow.
    3. For you will be a tree that becomes a forest,
    4. And a plant that feeds and shelters.
    1. Your kindred, by birth or by choice,
    2. Will share your life and love and ideas.
    3. Thus will be born a great nation
    4. Descended by what seeds you sow.
    1. Now if, tomorrow, the winds uproot you again,
    2. And toss you, carelessly and unwanted, in another direction,
    3. Know that you will find new lands and new people,
    4. Wherever the changing winds send you, heed their message.
    1. So, wanderer, as you wonder, remember this,
    2. Whatever comes of your seed in the winds.
    3. You will have a purpose for a time appointed,
    4. And then you will be sent to new and fertile ground.
    1. Your life is not aimless, nor your death, nor after.
    2. It only seems that way, in the howling of a dust-devil.
    3. While you walk or roll or fly this world, then,
    4. Seek to do what good you can, while you’re here.