audio Audio By
Ben Whisman

True Friendship

By Ben Whisman ~

For my friend and blood-brother
You are never junk, bud

    1. True Friendship —
    2. I thought I knew a lot about friendship
    3. Though I’ve had few best friends
    4. Lately I’ve learned
    5. There’s a whole new world
    6. Coming out there
    1. True Friendship —
    2. Cares how you feel
    3. Understands your flaws
    4. Praises your strengths
    5. Mentions not when they are the same
    6. Trusts when you feel untrustworthy
    7. Respects your boundaries
    8. Restores faith when you doubt
    9. Rejoices when you find faith again
    10. Gives you hope when all seems lost
    11. Gives thanks when your hope’s restored
    12. Loves unconditionally
    13. Stands content beside your loved ones
    14. Glad to share you with them
    15. Without need to monopolize
    16. Secure that you’ll be there
    17. Rests with you when you are weary
    18. Races giddy when you zoom along
    19. Lifts you up when you stumble
    20. Guides you when you need advice
    21. Carries you when you cannot
    22. Lets you carry and take control
    23. Insists you can be more
    24. Desists when you are not perfect
    25. Wipes away all tears
    26. Laughs with you
    27. Finds wit in your humor
    28. Soothes sorrows
    29. Stirs to moving
    30. Calms fears
    31. Brings safety
    32. Defends naïveté
    33. Battles cynicism
    34. Cleans up when you are ill
    35. Dignifies your indignity
    36. Heals what is broken
    37. Smoothes the rough places
    38. Accepts what you can’t let go
    39. Knows your core is never harmed
    40. Just sits with you to be there
    41. Holds you when you cry
    42. Hugs you for no particular reason
    43. Connects a wavelength in common
    44. Knows your spark is still there
    45. Hangs out with you
    46. Dances on wheels with you
    47. Awestruck by your dreams
    48. Sends angels to tend you
    49. Wrestles God or demons to guard you
    50. Celebrates your uniqueness
    51. Finds access for your ability
    52. Refuses to diss your dis-
    53. Because you like your friends’
    54. Appreciates you’re just you
    55. However you are
    56. Argues for you, even with you
    57. Until a problem’s resolved
    58. Believes without need of proof
    59. Handles confidences with grace
    60. Talents inside, you try to deny
    61. Strength within, you won’t admit
    62. From your counsel, gains healing
    63. Glimpses the Creator in your spirit
    64. Gifts you a bit of soul to fuel your own
    1. True Friendship —
    2. Spans more than what is tangible
    3. Traverses time and space
    4. Connects each to one another
    5. Dances holy Creation whole
    6. Beloved friend, enjoined
    7. In tribe and family, included, blood or not
    8. I adopt you, friend, blood-brother, family