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Ben Whisman

Tribe Poem

By Ben Whisman ~

  1. One is lonely, alone, solitary.
  2. Two are together, companions, a pair.
  3. Add more, as family and friends.
  4. Form an inner circle.
  5. It is the heart, the hearth.
  6. Keep the home-fire burning.
  7. Group the people round it.
  8. We form new friends.
  9. We form new families.
  10. We form the outer circle.
  11. It is our camp, home, community.
  12. It is our tribe.
  13. We form a new tribe.
  14. It is many friends and many families.
  15. We form something bigger together.
  16. We form a new tribe.
  17. We invite those who love and befriend us.
  18. We invite those who need us.
  19. Hearth and camp are our tribe.
  20. Our campfire lights the night.
  21. We bring light to shine and show the way.