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Ben Whisman

The Horsehead Nebula

A Poem for Tim at Graduation 2008

Written and Copyright © by Ben Whisman ~ . All Rights Reserved.

  1. As you graduate, you look behind and ahead.
  2. What wisdom say the signs along the trail?
  3. Let not the dust of yesterdays choke your path,
  4. May your todays and tomorrows lead well for you and your band.
  6. Ride out into the sunrise,
  7. For there is the bright, warm sunshine.
  8. Ride out into the sunset,
  9. For there is the silver, cool moonglow.
  11. Whatever trails you choose,
  12. Whatever trials may come.
  13. Ride boldly, with your companions.
  14. You will each share your burdens and supplies.
  1. You have been in the heartlands of great success, love, and happiness.
  2. From this, you have seen you can have all these good things.
  3. You have been in the badlands of great failure, loss, and sorrow.
  4. From this, you know you can ride out the rough terrain.
  6. Wherever your trails may lead,
  7. From this, you will know how to face them again.
  8. You will bring compassion, fairness, and love,
  9. You will trade for it, alike with companions and with strangers.
  1. You have seen the shining heroes and faced down the lawless villains.
  2. From this, you know how to handle whomever you meet.
  3. Where there was no hope left in the desert,
  4. Your wisdom, caring, and strength will make friends from strangers.
  6. How do I know all these great things, wondering, wandering cowboy, graduate?
  7. Because you have already done them, and you will again.
  8. This space is not empty.
  9. It is awaiting new growth.

May you find success and fulfillment, joy and love, in all you do, in your academic, professional, and personal life, and in each project you pursue. Congratulations to my friend and family by choice, Tim, from Ben W., 2008.