audio Audio By
Ben Whisman


A Poem Written and Copyright © by Ben Whisman ~ . All Rights Reserved.

  1. The future is new
  2. Change has brought
  3. A new possibility
  4. For a new life
  6. Childhood is a memory now past
  7. Adolescence is all about change
  8. Adulthood is a dream now real
  9. Each can be bittersweet
  10. Of laughter and sorrow both
  12. Maturity comes of knowing
  13. Neither is too permanent
  14. Instead we keep what’s good
  15. And let go of what’s not
  1. Now is it strange while celebrating
  2. To feel such tugging reminders
  3. No, they are rebirth-pangs
  4. Before you cry with joy, reborn
  6. Maturity brings the wisdom
  7. That you can face ALL things
  8. Alone or with people you love
  9. And bring something better
  10. Out of muck and chaotic clay
  12. So if my wish seems melancholy
  13. Please know it is sincere
  14. My finest wish, my son-like friend
  15. Find glad wonder in renewing
  16. For anyone and for you
  1. I hope and pray this new day
  2. Will find your life shiny-bright, brand-new
  3. With lots of friends to hug hello and stay awhile
  4. Even a little silliness, like kids again
  6. Never forget these things:
  7. Childhood’s joy in curiosity and easy friendship
  8. Adolescence’s urgency for change and growth
  9. And manhood’s leadership to find how to do it

You’ve been more mature than most men, ever since I’ve known you. Happy Birthday, Champ! To my friend and family by choice, Tim, from Ben W.