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Ben Whisman

The Hurricane

By Ben Whisman ~

A poem after Hurricane Rita

    1. The hurricane was coming here
    2. Headed my way, unavoidable
    3. About to overturn millions
    4. For years, forever, land and lives
    1. My friend felt guilty, sad and scared
    2. For he was enjoying loved ones visiting
    3. How could he feel so good, he said,
    4. When others would be hurt or lost?
    1. Don’t feel guilty for living and loving
    2. For enjoying what’s so good
    3. I want you to be happy with them
    4. Don’t stop while I’m gone a little while
    1. Yes, others go through bad times
    2. While some go through good times
    3. It’s just living, my friend
    4. We all do it, loving life is no sin
    1. Don’t be scared for me or others
    2. If I cannot return, it is alright
    3. I have had as good a life as I could
    4. I will still love you just as much
    1. I will see you again as soon as I can
    2. In a little while, you’ll wake
    3. We’ll be together again, only better
    4. Our times will be precious and complete
    1. On that day, my friend, have no fear
    2. For I will cry with joy for you
    3. For my friend will return, no longer lost
    4. And we will embrace for sure
    1. Now I tell you this, the lesson is clear
    2. Life changes hugely in an instant
    3. And we wonder how to take it, how to go on
    4. The answer’s oh so simple
    1. Embrace again the lost returned
    2. Cry and laugh and love, rebuild and build anew
    3. Clean and heal what is broken in each other
    4. Embrace family and friends, bring in old and new
    1. Don’t wait too long, dear friend
    2. One day your wait will be over
    3. We’ll let the good times roll again
    4. Life will all start over
    1. Though rain and wind take all away
    2. Though love and friends seem so unreachable
    3. Someday, my friend, with the sun’s warmth
    4. We begin again
    1. The flooding rain downpoured
    2. The wind howled and roared
    3. The storm passed away
    4. I was still here
    1. Hello, my friend
    2. I thought of you
    3. You missed me
    4. We got through it