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Ben Whisman

Suppose Their Gifts

By Ben Whisman ~

  1. Suppose I had something to say
  2. But no one would listen to my truth
  3. Suppose I had something to sing
  4. But I had no voice but the one inside
  5. Suppose I had something to do
  6. But no powers to make it so
  7. Suppose I had something to give
  8. But will you accept my gifts
  9. Tell me,
  10. Would you listen?
  11. Would you give your voice?
  12. Would you lend a hand?
  13. Would you accept me for who I am?
  14. Or refuse my conditions for yours
  15. And demonstrate, demon-strate, de-monstr-ate
  16. You find me not enough like you?
  17. I am the spirit of tomorrow
  18. The yet-to-be, maybe, coulda, woulda, shoulda
  19. The I-don’t-know-how, please help me
  20. The I-have-a-dumb-question, will you answer
  21. The I’m-just-me, I’m a kid, I’m all possibility
  22. The here-I-am, would you bother to get to know me
  23. My poem has no rhyme or meter
  24. There’s little reason here, it seems
  25. Yet I am a voice for what could be
  26. If only we could get together for a change
  27. If only we would notice who’s around us
  28. What cost do we pay
  29. To ignore the potential of someone
  30. Who might become a friend beyond life itself
  31. So I’ll ramble randomly, who knows if it’s righteously
  32. And maybe no one will notice
  33. But I’ll say it anyway
  34. Because if I don’t, who will?

Dedicated to all those who have something to give, If only someone will accept their gifts.