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Ben Whisman


By Ben Whisman ~

    1. Why must we fight
    2. for all we have or want,
    3. for all we like and love?
    1. Why are there things
    2. so senseless, hurting,
    3. saddening, maddening?
    1. Why must good people suffer,
    2. who’ve done no harm,
    3. wish none to anyone?
    1. I wish to God I had the answers.
    2. I struggle to find any answers.
    3. I try to understand.
    1. But I cannot.
    2. I’m too busy fighting too.
    3. I am too sensitive, insensate, foolish;
    4. too hurt, saddened, maddened,
    5. and maybe half-crazed.
    1. At times, I want to just give it all up,
    2. Quit fighting, just cease to be.
    3. Seductive sirens’ call, sui nihil.
    1. But I cannot and I will not.
    2. It is not cowardice that keeps me from it.
    3. It is not cowardice, if you have tried it.
    1. I demand the answers!
    2. I struggle to question even God.
    3. I need to understand.
    1. I fight, because I must.
    2. Though I seldom ever win,
    3. Nor am I, by nature, a fighter.
    1. I stand and speak for those I love,
    2. Or sometimes for myself.
    3. There must be something more.
    1. I refuse to say there’s no hope,
    2. Or point to faith, or reasons for true love.
    3. Call me dreamer, call me fool, say I am insane.
    1. I will fight to save as much good as I can.
    2. I will fight so love can win someday.
    3. I will fight the things that make no sense,
    4. That hurt the innocent ones in lifeā€¦ and even afterlife.
    1. My friends and loved ones,
    2. You mean so much to me,
    3. More than life or death itself.
    1. I pray someday to see you again,
    2. In a world more wholesome than this.
    3. I pray someday to see you again,
    4. In a world where there are no more ills.
    5. I pray someday to be with you again,
    6. In a world where it all makes sense.
    7. I pray someday to join with you,
    8. In a world where we can truly blend.
    1. Dear friends and loved ones,
    2. Until that day, let us all stay together,
    3. Comrades in arms, even if we have none.
    4. Upholding each other forever,
    5. Demanding more than this sorry world.
    1. In friendship and love forever,
    2. For even old love lost does not die.
    3. It is the one thing that’s eternal.
    4. Let us join ourselves, all of us,
    5. To one another, I pray.