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Ben Whisman


By Ben Whisman

Before . Undated, probably sometime in late or ?

  1. My thoughts are fleeting.
  2. They race from one to the next.
  3. Do any of them mean anything to anyone else?
  4. Does anyone else care?
  5. I try to be a voice for niceness, for mediation, moderation.
  6. But it seems my points are misunderstood, ignored.
  7. Perhaps my gentleness is seen as too bland and unassertive.
  8. Perhaps I back down, compromise, when I should stand my ground.
  9. I am sick of it.
  10. Sick of being taken for granted, misconstrued, shoved aside.
  11. As though I don’t matter, don’t exist.
  12. As though my calmness, my compassion and forgiveness
  13. Have no worth.
  14. Alright, if I am not “whatever” enough for you.
  15. Too bad. Just maybe you’re missing out on something, on someone
  16. Meaningful.
  17. So I, and others like me,
  18. Won’t bother you any more.
  19. I hope those like me
  20. Will find each other, someday,
  21. Somehow.
  22. I hope we’ll find meaning
  23. And fulfillment,
  24. In each other, all of us,
  25. A group, alive, a tribe,
  26. Meaningful, and loving,
  27. As tribe, family, friends, loves.