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Ben Whisman

Speed of Light and Thought

By Ben Whisman ~

  1. the speed of light;
  2. the speed of thought;
  3. a web of soft design;
  4. in paths of light i find;
  5. some light, some spark;
  6. to glow in the dark;
  7. what fleeting mind;
  8. this sublime notion;
  9. soft light, hard light;
  10. words, ideas, emotions;
  11. sounds and pictures;
  12. set in motion;
  13. transmit through ether;
  14. our dreams connected;
  1. virtual selves, really alive;
  2. hear and see each other’s being;
  3. to share unhindered;
  4. no physical limits;
  5. organized paths, full of order;
  6. hierarchy overtaken by interconnection;
  7. connotation, nuance, random insight;
  8. chance meeting, still not chaos;
  9. tyranny overthrown, circumvented;
  10. by the freedom of the keyboard;
  11. by the liberty of the link;