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Ben Whisman


By Ben Whisman ~ Revised

  1. Saying words ~
    1. Sometimes there are too many words.
    2. Sometimes there are not enough words to say how you feel.
    3. And sometimes, no word will say it right.
    4. Sometimes the words will not come, no matter how hard you try.
    5. And sometimes the words come all in a rush, when you least expect them.
  2. Asking questions ~
    1. Sometimes you question the empty spaces:
    2. “Who, what, how, when, where, why, which one, how much, how many?”
    3. Sometimes you forget the answers are within you already.
    4. Sometimes you forget the answers are all around you; in others; in the great creation around you.
    5. So don’t worry, fear, or feel regret for what was or is or might be ~ or not.
  3. Finding answers ~
    1. Sometimes the answers are in the simplest words, or when no words are needed.
    2. The words, the answers, are in your heart, you needn’t speak them. ~ But better to say what you feel.
    3. Don’t think your words are unheard, unwanted, or foolish.
    4. Beloved, let others embrace you and soon enough,
    5. Your spirit will embrace creation, and soothe all the world’s cares, and thus your own.