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Ben Whisman

Scratch and Dent

By Ben Whisman ~

  1. Used, For Sale, Scratch and Dent!
  2. Isn’t that what we all are?
  3. A little beat up by life,
  4. And worn around the edges;
  5. We’re not so shiny and brand new.
  6. Even on the day we’re born, it’s messy.
  7. Gently dumped or badly abused,
  8. There’s times we’re all frayed.
  9. Yet the stains and the nicks
  10. And the rough spots life’s smoothed,
  11. Or the chunks it’s removed,
  12. These all give us character,
  13. Our curio’s appeal.
  14. Now isn’t it amazing,
  15. How loving treatment will bring out the shine,
  16. That inner glow of true handsome beauty,
  17. Far more than a coat of new paint
  18. Or some fancy covering?
  19. Somewhere, we’re all looking,
  20. For that unique treasure,
  21. In the most unexpected places,
  22. Overlooked by others, slightly dirty and smudged,
  23. Leaky and rusty, right there within reach.
  24. A fixer-upper, that’s who we all are.