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Ben Whisman


by Ben Whisman ~

    1. what if i could rewind
    2. and do it all again
    3. what would i do over
    4. what would i never do again
    5. just when would i press the button
    6. yesterday, a week, months, years
    7. how far is too far
    8. and what would happen then
    1. suppose i undo it all
    2. then go forward again
    3. i might get lucky
    4. and avoid the painful parts
    5. but what or who would i miss
    6. how many funny remarks
    7. and friends i’d never meet
    8. what would i never learn
    1. so is it best this way
    2. one time straight through
    3. with no way to go back
    4. no pause or instant replay
    5. or fast forward or rewind
    6. i don’t know, i only have this way