audio Audio By
Ben Whisman

Reach Out to Heal

By Ben Whisman ~

  1. How do you heal
  2. A friend’s hurts
  3. When you don’t know
  4. How to heal your own?
  5. If we can be moved
  6. To reach out to a friend
  7. To heal his hurting
  8. Why don’t more of us
  9. Reach out to someone
  10. We don’t know?
  11. To heal their hurting
  12. Why don’t more of us
  13. Reach out to an enemy
  14. To heal his hurting
  15. Or at least to make
  16. Some peace between us
  17. To heal our, their hurting
  18. Why don’t more of us
  19. Reach out to a friend
  20. To heal our own hurting
  21. By our friend’s caring