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Ben Whisman


By Ben Whisman

  1. Question
    1. who I am, my name and my honor
    2. what I stand for, my morals and values
    3. what I say and do, my motives and my truth
    4. what I think and feel, my aspirations
    5. what and whom I trust, my friends
  2. Exclaim
    1. your accusations are insulting
    2. your exclamations are offensive
    3. your cautions are paranoid
    4. your implications are monstrous
    5. your hysteria such that even friends ask me
    6. your pushing such that I wonder about me
  3. Until
    1. pushed too far, I stop and think and face things
    2. here I am, take it all away, and I’m still here
    3. you can’t have what isn’t yours to take
    4. who, what, how, when, where, and why
    5. your questions may confuse me
    6. because I am imperfect, and think too much
    7. instead of trusting my instincts from the start
    8. you seek weak spots, here they are
    9. you want to tear me down, here I am
  4. However
    1. you’ve forgotten one thing, one spark
    2. that I have lost before, who and what mattered most
    3. it matters nothing, even if you destroy me
    4. there still is one spark you cannot touch
    5. faith, hope, and love, are in here somewhere
    6. even if I’ve hidden them so far I can’t find them
    7. they’ll blossom forth and free my soul again
    8. like a flower that blooms after the storm
  5. Therefore
    1. don’t call me names
    2. don’t push me
    3. don’t hit me
    4. don’t go too far
    5. you’ll find my weaknesses are strengths
    6. you’ll find there’s more to me than there appears
    7. I can be more