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Ben Whisman


By Ben Whisman ~

    1. Life moves on in a funny-strange way.
    2. One minute we’re here, the next we’re there or gone.
    3. All the ups and downs, all the sideways routes,
    4. What do they mean? It’s hard to tell.
    1. One day I looked back and knew:
    2. At least sometimes, the parts we never expected
    3. Can lead to friends, family, or even love.
    4. My life is changed and friends’ lives too, because.
    1. Other parts still don’t make sense.
    2. I hope someday they do.
    3. While others went the way I thought they should
    4. Isn’t that strange too?
    1. Life can be good, if we give it a chance,
    2. If we look at it in a positive way.
    3. There’s still so much I want to do, to say, to be.
    4. Can I become the man I wanted to be, or is another path best?
    1. I hope one day, we’ll look back, my companions and I,
    2. And find the paths were curving to combine just right,
    3. To be the selves we wanted or didn’t expect,
    4. To find the fuller lives for the lives we touched.