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    1. You said that you were broken
    2. I tried to give good words
    3. I tried so hard to convince
    4. you that you were not
    5. broken like you really felt
    6. I wanted so much to heal you
    7. I wanted so much to heal me too
    1. I have a confession to make
    2. to you my unbroken, spark-shine friend
    3. Yet you probably knew or guessed
    4. I am broken too
    5. I sit here, with things still in boxes
    6. With a life still piecing back together
    7. Bit by slowly bit
    8. Parts of me stuck in the past
    9. Parts of me moving ahead
    10. And I wonder, will it ever all fit
    1. We all are broken a little or a lot
    2. At our best, we fit together
    3. the missing unwhole pieces
    4. One friend to another to another
    1. You gave me the gift of your friendship
    2. You helped heal so much without even trying
    3. I thank you, friend forever
    4. for being broken and trying
    5. to find the way the pieces fit
    1. You gave me the gift of your friends
    2. the people you loved so much
    3. You trusted me with him and with them
    4. You showed me a secret
    5. I didn’t see at the time
    6. simply to hold onto each other
    7. until together, we find
    8. how the broken pieces fit
    9. together