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Ben Whisman

Next Door

By Ben Whisman ~ Draft Final

  1. There is a house, just next door,
  2. A half-remembered, half-expected place,
  3. I can’t quite recall if I’ve visited before.
  4. In that place are memories half-forgotten,
  5. Of times before memory; some things best forgot; others, improved with time.
  6. In that place are memories not yet made,
  7. Of every possibility, just waiting to take form.
  8. There, all senses are amazed beyond human ken.
  9. There, two can truly know each other, joined closer than kin or friend or love,
  10. Unashamed to share a thought or touch.
  11. Next door, there are no limits —
  12. Imaginings beyond human senses —
  13. Beyond frail human sufferings or the finest human grace and effort
  14. Oh, sometimes I think I get a glimpse
  15. Of that beautiful place next door.
  16. Sometimes I think I notice
  17. Some neighbor’s presence there.
  18. Sometimes, I think I’d like to join them,
  19. Just to check it out,
  20. To play and rest and feast there for awhile, perhaps forever,
  21. And leave this dreary yard.
  22. But the house next door, for now is off limits,
  23. On some street I can’t yet reach, roadblocked.
  24. I’ll visit there again someday,
  25. When my friendly neighbor’s there,
  26. And he or she will invite me in,
  27. To stay a longer while.