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Ben Whisman

Momentous Loves

By Ben Whisman ~

    1. Moments or Years or Millenia
    2. All that matters is right now
    3. Sharing time together
    4. Love and friendship join us forever
    1. What happened yesterday
    2. Is in the past, it’s over
    3. What might happen tomorrow
    4. Hasn’t happened, might never
    1. Keep the good in our hearts
    2. Leave the bad in the dust
    3. Love finds a way through
    4. Even into the life beyond
    1. We have now, together
    2. Or if not now, then soon enough
    3. Building up from love
    4. Mansions in eternity
    1. Moments to Years to Always
    2. Person to person to person
    3. One to another to another
    4. Uniting the creation
    1. Friends, found among strangers
    2. Family, chosen among others
    3. Partner, merged between a pair
    4. Soulmates, life-bonds, each linked altogether
    1. Different kinds of love form something greater
    2. No space or time can separate
    3. Share now and build forever
    4. Befriended, beloved, infinite