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Ben Whisman

Missed Hearts

By Ben Whisman ~

  1. You say you cannot stand,
    You cannot stand it.
    It’s all too much for you.
  2. You say body and senses
    And memory may falter,
    Weekly weakly betray you.
  3. “No more,” you cry,
    When loved ones’ loving
    No longer consoles you.
  4. “Missing, all gone,” you mourn.
    Yet those you love are as near
    As your loving cry’s far hue.
  5. Awhile apart, no matter may separate
    Your love from those you miss,
    Unspoken, unseen, will know and knew.
  6. At your heart’s merest whisper,
    All who love you, past, now, or future,
    Even angels among us, draw near you.
  7. We, like you alike,
    Imperfect, we beg, overlook it,
    When our pains have harmed you.
  1. We like you and love you,
    You like and love us completely,
    Spirits’ hopes beyond flaws in view.
  2. Yet still here we are,
    Though we, too, are weak,
    Loved one, we care for you.
  3. Never doubt it a second,
    Nor the spark of a neuron,
    Nor the beat of your heart true.
  4. We are ringed to include you,
    Dancing into creation,
    Singing prayers to renew.
  5. Circled, defending, defenders,
    With angels and demons,
    Our thoughts acting, contend do.
  6. We fight for you, creating, demanding,
    Even with you, if need be,
    For the combat within you.
  7. We, warriors each, from near and far
    Gather strength to send, all to each,
    Connect to make each whole, even you.
  1. Though your heart be aggrieved
    From troubles too many
    For words alone to speak,
  2. May you find in these hopeful wishes
    The peace and healing,
    Happiness and love.
  3. That you share so often, so freely with others.