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Ben Whisman

Maybe I Don’t

By Ben Whisman ~

    1. Maybe I don’t know the whole story
    2. But you’re the hidden hero even you don’t know
    3. Maybe I don’t know all about you
    4. But I don’t have to, to know you’re true
    1. I wish I knew what to say and do
    2. To make it all better for you
    3. But I am searching for healing too
    4. We spend life asking why and who
    1. The answer’s inside me and you
    2. Don’t fear or be ashamed
    3. For what’s inside of you
    4. Is a little bit of a larger truth
    1. When the pieces are broken
    2. When nothing seems to fit
    3. When it seems like it’s all missing
    4. You are not junk, even if you feel mixed up
    1. Friend, you keep trying