audio Audio By
Ben Whisman

Man Overboard

By Ben Whisman ~

    1. I’m swimming in the ocean
    2. Against unwelcome currents
    3. Far too many feelings
    4. Much too far from shore
    5. No stable ground to cling to
    6. No anchor for my root
    7. No buoy to lift me up
    8. No lighthouse to guide me home
    1. Oh, won’t some friendly swimmer
    2. Come out to help save me?
    3. With gentle arms to hold me
    4. With straining legs to urge me
    5. With kissing breath sustain me
    6. With kindly face to watch our progress
    7. Where is that able seaman,
    8. Someone to guide me home?
    1. Where is that distant shore,
    2. Is it one I’ve never seen?
    3. Or is it just like the last I left,
    4. As uncertain as before?
    5. Will the natives there be friendly,
    6. Or tear my heart apart?
    7. Will I know their language?
    8. Will they understand the words I speak?
    1. Give me warm sandy beaches
    2. Let sun and breeze and your caress
    3. Across my thighs and chest
    4. Release this swelling tide
    5. Some smiling, suntanned native,
    6. Some crisp, proper sailor,
    7. Some salty, swaggering seaman,
    8. Or just another passenger like me
    1. Please rescue me from this swirling sea
    2. And guide me into haven-port
    3. Join me in my berth
    4. Soothe my tired, flagging soul
    5. Replace my lost confusion
    6. With surety and trust
    7. Then together will we rest
    8. And tomorrow, chart a new course