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Ben Whisman

Mammon 2

By Ben Whisman ~

A holiday meditation after paying taxes.

    1. The sellers have bought me,
    2. The tax man’s robbed me,
    3. I’ve had too much melancholy
    4. Instead of mirth and holly and jolly.
    1. I know a better way now,
    2. One that will give those turkeys the bird,
    3. In a way more satisfying than fighting.
    4. I’m fighting this depression, this sadness-obsession.
    1. Laughter, love, and togetherness, and giving to others
    2. Will fight back without fighting.
    3. I’ll enlarge the hearth-circle, heart-circle, camp-circle, tribe-circle.
    4. Giving Love Conquers Mammon.
    1. Bah, humbug, to your -isms:
    2. Extremism, fundamentalism, sexism, terrorism, commercialism, materialism.
    3. Love’s a simple word. I can do that. I understand it better.
    4. Take everything away, yet I can still love.