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Ben Whisman

Love Is A Spark

By Ben Whisman ~

  1. Faith, hope, and love, but
  2. The greatest of these is love.
  3. Let love renew your hope,
  4. Though you feel hopeless.
  5. Let love and hope renew your faith,
  6. Though you have lost faith.
  7. Love renews its spark within us,
  8. Though long dormant.
  9. Love from others rekindles us,
  10. Though we have grown cold.
  11. Love from others reappears,
  12. Though we think none care.
  13. Love is a miraculous thing,
  14. A glow within us and others.
  15. Love melts away all that would mar us,
  16. Its light transforms.
  17. Love dusts away the ashes of sorrow,
  18. In the clean breeze of joy.
  19. Love finds the friends who are diamonds,
  20. In the charcoal of loss.
  21. Love warms the glow of forgiveness and peace,
  22. From the embers and fires of anger and hate.
  23. Love builds up all who find it, give it, share it,
  24. And forges something greater than we can know.