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Ben Whisman

Lost or Not

by Ben Whisman ~

    1. little lost critter, isn’t he cute
    2. feed him, clean him up, take him in, what do you get
    3. doctor the ills inside and out, the physical
    4. heal up the memories, emotions, the mental
    5. will he bite or cower or run away from love
    6. or will you have a loyal friend for life
    7. or time, distance, health take him away too soon
    1. cute little human, isn’t he cute
    2. victim or villain, accident or illness, maybe the guy next door
    3. orphaned or homeless, runaway or prostitute, ex-con or street tough
    4. will you ignore him, will you listen, will you help
    5. now it’s not so easy, nor so cute, is it
    6. what if he’s ugly or sickly or acts really freaky
    7. now you have a harder choice
    1. it is so easy to feel compassion
    2. for the ones so cute, but that appeal is fleeting
    3. is it such hard work to stay by his side
    4. what makes us turn away, never notice, fear and doubt and hate
    5. what makes us smile and embrace and stay around
    6. what makes us love past all the minus signs
    7. why can’t we trust and love for real more often
    1. he is the best, though some reject him and say he lost
    2. my friend, you and i know better:
    3. he fought the odds and won far more than gold
    4. we fought it with him, side by side, as brothers
    5. when one would tire or despair, get ill or falter
    6. another would stand watch with him awhile
    7. he and his brothers freed from this city dump, this pound