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Ben Whisman

Lightnin’ Don’t Strike

A Western Song

By Ben Whisman ~

    1. Just ’cause lightnin’ don’t strike
    2. In the same place twice
    3. Don’t mean lightnin’ won’t strike
    4. Again at all
    1. Just ’cause clouds fill the sky
    2. And the rain cries down
    3. Don’t mean the sun won’t come out
    4. And the rainbow show
    1. Just ’cause the night is dark
    2. And storms brew all around
    3. Don’t mean stars won’t shine
    4. And the moon won’t glow
    1. Just ’cause the day is bright
    2. And the sun’s too hot
    3. Don’t mean shade trees don’t grow
    4. And cool waters don’t flow
    1. Just ’cause you’re sittin’ there
    2. With a sad, lonely smile
    3. Don’t mean no one’s comin’ around
    4. Or no one’s waitin’ ahead
    1. Umbrella and sunglasses
    2. Sandals or cowboy boots
    3. Swim shorts or snow suits
    4. Or nothin’ at all
    1. Ain’t seen you happy in far too long
    2. I know you’re feelin’ it’s all too much
    3. And you’re all alone
    4. But keep on believin’ it’ll change
    1. Someone’s thinkin’ of you and you don’t even know
    2. It’s just you who’s their friend or their love
    3. Or they don’t know you just yet
    4. But you make their life better inside
    1. Don’t give up on the lightnin’
    2. When it don’t strike twice
    3. Don’t give up on the sun, moon, and stars
    4. When the storms roll in
    1. Don’t give up on the outside or in
    2. ’Cause someday will be soon
    3. And someone will be there again
    4. And things will be brand new