audio Audio By
Ben Whisman


By Ben Whisman ~

  1. There was a young man found
  2. Awash with troubles deeper than oceans
  3. With waves crashing all around
  4. His cheeks soaked with tears
  5. So deep, he’s nearly drowned
  6. He tried to swim, until, exhausted
  7. He flailed for solid ground
  8. Others reached out, a lifebuoy, life, boy
  9. Dearest friends abound
  10. To pull him from roiling surges
  11. Embracing love, safe and profound
  12. Hold him fast, hugged as he sobbed
  13. And cried out for the abyss unsound
  14. He struggled to push them away
  15. To save them from him, aground
  16. I am too lost and rotten, he claimed
  17. We cannot – unspoiled, beloved friend
  18. We will not let you drown
  19. We, who love this storm-tossed sailor
  20. Upon life’s careless seas, seized unbound
  21. So hug him close, sit and listen
  22. While naked fears resound
  23. We banish chills, warm body and soul
  24. Rescue the inner spark, let it astound
  25. Once more we’ll sit with this young man
  26. So strong and brave, renowned
  27. When foul tides have washed away
  28. Let us sit together, hugging, laughter, again found
  29. Woebegone, now woes, be gone, forever
  30. For love will even death confound
  31. Be not afraid, young man sailing, on shifting seas and sands
  32. We stand ready, watch on watch, faith true as your hound
  33. Your heart and soul we guard, we love you, shipmate
  34. Set fear aside, set sail, uncharted waters, boldly sound
  35. Now find a new sun-star, set course, raise anchor
  36. Sails take wind, rudder repaired, our friend, undrowned
  37. We crew together, always and forever, this life and beyond
  38. This ship’s The Unicorn, we dance for you, our best mate around