audio Audio By
Ben Whisman


By Ben Whisman ~

    1. Lately, you’re troubled
    2. By some IT you won’t quite express.
    3. IT’s a chilling shadow
    4. To your sunny warmth.
    1. Your smile is all uncertain, forced.
    2. You’re quiet, too quietly disquieted,
    3. Where once we talked
    4. About anything for hours,
    5. Or sat still, content.
    1. I’m concerned,
    2. I want to help.
    1. Let me in!
    2. Talk to me!
    3. Tell me what IT is.
    1. What burdens you so that you’d hide,
    2. Yourself and IT, from me, from everyone?
    3. Are you afraid I’d leave you, curse you,
    4. When already you are too alone and hurt?
    1. No. I will not. I cannot. You are special.
    2. You are mine. I am yours.
    3. Friend and loved one, here’s my embrace.
    1. Maybe I have been too narrow, not open enough.
    2. Have I omitted or committed something
    3. I should have done differently?
    1. Is IT why you won’t talk?
    2. Are you afraid you’d hurt me, run me off,
    3. With IT revealed?
    1. Alright, so I’m imperfect, flawed.
    2. I might have trouble with IT,
    3. But you matter more than IT.
    1. You need me
    2. To understand
    3. You and IT and me.
    1. I need you
    2. To understand
    3. You and IT and me.