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Ben Whisman

Hyperbole Hyperbola

By Ben Whisman ~ Revision 1: ~ Revision 2:

  1. Hyperbole Hyperbola
  2. The shape of things to come
  3. Squeezes out the middle
  4. Saddles with extremes
  5. Magnifies your concerns
  6. Projects your chimaeras
  7. Unchain the hold on the center
  8. Grass roots for middle ground
  9. Open the narrow mind
  10. Unbox your freedom
chimera, chimaera
• An imaginary, false monster, created out of people’s fears;
• A Greek monster with the head of a lion, body of a goat, and tail of a dragon; a personification of winter snowstorms, the daughter of Typhon;
• A composite organism, a genetic anomaly;