audio Audio By
Ben Whisman

Hold Onto The Map

By Ben Whisman ~

    1. Some of us lose faith
    2. And some of us find it
    3. Some of us think we lost it
    4. While we just misplaced it
    1. Hold on a little longer, buddy
    2. Your grip’s not lost yet
    3. When life’s got you so down
    4. You just wanna reject it
    1. Someone’s thinkin’ about you
    2. As much as you’re thinkin’ of them
    3. If the way isn’t clear
    4. The sun will part the clouds
    1. So much can happen
    2. That just seems senseless
    3. You find your true friends
    4. When you think you’ve lost your way
    1. Hold on when you find each other
    2. Don’t shut each other out
    3. That kind of love is the map
    4. To search for faith restored
    1. If you don’t know where to go
    2. If you feel like no one’s there
    3. Just look a little further
    4. The puzzle solved is a map of the soul
    1. The pieces may seem broken
    2. Beyond your repair
    3. They’re just facets of your heart
    4. Waiting for a different view
    1. How many special someones
    2. Will see how it all fits
    3. And show a new you
    4. You never would’ve guessed
    1. Hold on a little longer
    2. So you can hold them when they appear
    3. You just might be the map
    4. To show the way other someones never expected