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Ben Whisman

friendly versus focused

By Ben Whisman ~

    1. gay-friendly — is not gay-focused — is not sex-only
    2. being gay — or straight — or in-between — or unlabelled
    3. does not mean i have lots of sex — with lots of different guys
    4. you want to know the truth? — i can count it on one hand
    5. oh sure, some guys do more — but some guys find a partner for life
    6. but sometimes it’s not forever — or sometimes we’re still looking
    1. some people say being gay, i should celebrate that sex is beautiful
    2. well, i do — so beautiful that i want it with only a special guy
    3. ’cause i want and need true love if i’m gonna have sex
    4. otherwise, it’s just goin’ thru the motions
    5. and i can do that by myself with more affection
    6. without worryin’ if it’s gonna make me sick
    1. some people say if i’m gay, i should be political, get loud
    2. well, i speak out and i vote — i am not always quiet
    3. and i want equal rights for partners
    4. real change in people’s hearts
    5. takes more than just acting up, loud and proud
    6. do not think that i don’t care
    7. i don’t want to argue your true beliefs
    8. because i think mine are true too
    1. some people say being gay is wrong, a sin
    2. that’s their belief in a translation
    3. yet God made all people, even gay people
    4. love the sinner and hate the sin?
    5. love thy neighbor as thyself
    6. do unto others as you would have them do unto you
    7. what God has joined together, let no man put asunder