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Ben Whisman


By Ben Whisman ~

    1. Don’t fight! Or do fight?
    2. We learn it early, but do we learn?
    3. Be a lover, not a fighter.
    4. No, be a fighter too.
    1. Fight anybody who’d interfere,
    2. To make a friend feel better.
    3. Even fight with your friend,
    4. To make your friend get better.
    1. Maybe even fight with God,
    2. To seek the answers and make it right,
    3. When it can be made right,
    4. When there is sense to it.
    1. And how do I fight,
    2. Where is the right,
    3. When it seems too big, unknown, nonsense?
    4. How do I deal with it then?
    1. Now I will admit,
    2. Sometimes I don’t want to fight,
    3. I just want to lay down and quit.
    4. But I can’t stop forever; I won’t.
    1. But I wonder…
    2. Would I have the courage
    3. To fight with myself to change,
    4. If it would help a friend?