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Ben Whisman

Falling Leaves

By Ben Whisman ~

    1. Falling leaves, crying skies
    2. Loves slowly dying, others not here
    3. God, I don’t know, why is life unfair?
    4. Good suffers, bad goes free?
    5. What’s the answer? Where’s God?
    6. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen unexplained wonders
    7. Even if the cover’s not pretty, good and beauty’s within
    1. Friend seeks not to lose one going, gone, losing, lost
    2. Friend sees return ahead, not lost forever, dear friend
    3. Take away all earthly things, yet love remains
    4. Faith, hope, even love, may be broken
    5. But love heals, it will not all die ever
    6. And it renews hope and faith
    7. Beyond life or earthly things, love is truer
    1. So we will mourn when friends go, seeming lost
    2. Yes, we will miss them for a time
    3. Even if they are not truly gone forever
    4. Yet one day, we will meet again
    5. Soon enough, dry these tears and rejoice
    6. Friends renewed, newborn, embrace
    7. Loss is not forever, love friends for truth
    1. Dear friend, if someday we part
    2. You are not lost, you’re still in my heart