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Ben Whisman


By Ben Whisman ~

    1. The dream-farmer’s family, friends, and neighbors
    2. Looked round at the blasted dream-land.
    3. Crops ruined, dream-trees uprooted,
    4. Gaping holes in once-fertile ground.
    1. Our dreams lie dying, dead and buried,
    2. Kindling and logs alike, burned, plowed under,
    3. Dust and ash, lost to the keening winds.
    4. Will we ever see our cherished dreams again?
    1. Look what we’ve found, befriended, beloved,
    2. Not all our dreams are ruined: Love has stayed.
    3. Battered a little, but still it’s strong, unbowed.
    4. Let’s gather these dream-seeds, we thought so lost.
    1. But it was the wintry grieving season,
    2. Set aside the dream-seeds, for a time only.
    3. Then came the springtime hoping season,
    4. When dreams might be planted again.
    1. Till the soil, with yesterday’s compost,
    2. Sow the dream-seeds, planted with care.
    3. Nourish with love’s water, former tears.
    4. Tended with faithful work of many hands.
    1. One day, dream-seedlings, tender and fragile,
    2. Sprout yearning for the skies, hopeful air.
    3. The dream-time waxed and waned,
    4. Through day-dreams and nightmares,
    1. Strong and lasting, the dream-trees grow.
    2. Cared for as best the dream-farmers raised.
    3. Until the dream-trees bore fruit for the harvest,
    4. Newborn generation, the old one renewed.
    1. Though now dreams seem remote, unreachable,
    2. Dear dream-farmer, don’t quit the dream-land.
    3. Befriended kith, beloved kin, help carry your dreams,
    4. Will share their dream-bounty, so you don’t go it alone.