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Ben Whisman

Deeply Without Fear

By Ben Whisman ~

    1. Love deeply in all things
    2. And without fear to show it
    3. Life is short and precious
    4. So love when you can
    5. Because too few people show it
    1. When life changes
    2. All seems lost and confused
    3. Love anyway, deeply, always
    4. Better to show how much you love
    5. Than to hold it all in
    6. Or wonder what might have been
    1. If, someday, love goes away
    2. You still gave your love
    3. You still have your love too
    4. There is a fresh supply
    5. Just waiting to show it
    1. Love is needed
    2. It changes lives
    3. For the better
    4. Love always deeply
    5. Show love without fear