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Ben Whisman


By Ben Whisman ~

    1. Hold on. Hold fast.
    2. Your time is not yet past.
    3. Though all around,
    4. The gloom grows round,
    5. Inside you is a light.
    1. Though it seems too dim,
    2. It is not burnt out;
    3. It is a glowing spark.
    4. Your candle, it isn’t so broken.
    5. Each piece shares light renewed.
    1. Let it wax strong in
    2. Gentle warmth together
    3. Among family and friends
    4. Glowing in hearts unimagined, unmet.
    5. Giving life where none was yet.
    1. Some time yet unknown,
    2. Your light is needed
    3. To shine to guide someone
    4. You don’t know yet.
    5. Don’t hide your light inside.
    1. That day, you’ll see it clearly,
    2. Your life has new meaning
    3. Beyond lonesome understanding.
    4. You’ll find you have friends and loves
    5. Awaiting the light only you can give.
    1. Lead the way through it,
    2. Trust your inner light,
    3. Out of the darkest surroundings.
    4. Or how will others know?
    5. There is a friendly path aglow.