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Ben Whisman


By Ben Whisman ~

    1. These bricks were a wall
    2. I built around myself
    3. Now I take them down
    4. One by one, oh so slowly
    5. It’s such hard work
    6. The wall was bigger
    7. Taller, wider, thicker
    8. Than I intended
    9. When did it become
    10. Not what I wanted?
    11. Just something I did?
    1. These bricks were a wall
    2. Keeping others out
    3. Keeping me in
    4. A self-made prison
    5. Protection
    6. Against what wasn’t wrong
    7. Against who wouldn’t hurt
    8. Against myself also
    9. Now I tear them down
    10. How it tears me up
    11. Now and then the tears flow
    1. These bricks were a wall
    2. Now the sun shines through
    3. In glowing beams
    4. Showing through the gaps
    5. In pillars of light
    6. In luminous walls
    7. That need hold nothing in
    8. I blink in the sun
    9. I breathe fresh air
    10. Like a man released
    11. Freed from self-made bonds
    1. These bricks were a wall
    2. Now I’ll make them a solid foundation
    3. Now they’ll be steps and ramps
    4. Now they’ll be a road
    5. Forward, upward, beyond
    6. I’ll step on them
    7. To lift myself and others
    8. I’ve started the job
    9. It’s a labor of love
    10. Learning as I go
    11. Quality work takes time
    12. Each brick to improve
    13. The last brick in a lifetime