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Ben Whisman


By Ben Whisman ~

    1. What if I am from a town across the planet
    2. What if I talk funny and look funny
    3. What if I worship another god or none
    4. What if I’m poor or rich
    1. Can you guess how old I am
    2. Kid or senior
    3. If I’m a boy or girl
    4. Or someone in between
    1. Am I married do I have kids
    2. Unlabelled straight or gay
    3. Or am I orphaned or childless
    4. Alone or crowded in
    1. What if I am skinny or fat
    2. What if I act weird or look freaky
    3. What if I wear thick glasses
    4. What if I have braces, On my teeth or on my legs
    1. Suppose I could not walk or move
    2. Suppose I could not see
    3. Suppose I could not hear
    4. Suppose I could not speak
    1. Before you scoff and walk away
    2. How do you know I can or can’t
    3. And would you still be my friend
    4. If I am scarred, ugly, or just plain
    5. Or supermodel, good-looking, stunning
    1. Am I too much a stranger for you
    2. Can you like me a little
    3. Would you love me today or forever
    4. Or search all your life
    1. To talk back and forth
    2. About all those things
    3. Mundane and marvelous
    4. That friends too seldom share
    1. I am the one you’ve never met
    2. Will we ever meet in life
    3. The one you might never notice
    4. The one who is not quite like you
    1. I am your next-door neighbor
    2. The distant relative or online friend
    3. The long-lost classmate
    4. I am anyone are you anyone too