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Ben Whisman

Alphabet Soup

By Ben Whisman ~

  1. Letters, forming words, on a tomato page.
  2. An alphabet soup,
  3. But sometimes not so super.
  4. The letters in my bowl say:
  5. GLBT…Q…I…ABC…XYZ…too many.
  6. And other words, sharper than tomatoes.
  7. People who hate spit out labels like soup.
  8. A soupçon of words meant to stain, red and messy.
  9. Yet people who are friendly and
  10. People who are also GLBTQI…ABC…XYZ
  11. Use those labels too.
  12. How about the label:
  13. “Does not contain compassion.”
  14. From anyone to anyone?
  15. Why must there be a label?
  16. Does it matter so much who we like?
  17. She likes guys and so does he.
  18. So what if she likes women too?
  19. Straight, gay, both, neither,
  20. unsure, questioning, whatever.
  21. The labels are artificial.
  22. They limit. They take away humanity.
  23. They ruin compassion and understanding.
  24. Irony: a lack of love about loving.
  25. I stir my alphabet soup
  26. And rearrange the letters.
  27. No more labels, just words.
  28. Let the letters swirl harmless around.
  29. Alphabet soup, of letters, tomatoes
  30. Should nourish body and soul
  31. Heartwarming, simple, and everyday.