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Enough For Tomorrow

Copyright © By Ben Whisman. All Rights Reserved.

Version 2011-10-21

What do you do when everything you can do isn’t enough? What do you do when at the end of it all, you end up without that, with no reward, and without the person you still love? It is easy to give up, to get angry, to be sad beyond words. And yet, you need to get up, to keep going, because you love that someone and you want the best for them. Oh, it would be wonderful to say how perfect you are and how perfect that person is. Except there is always something. You don’t get enough sleep. You get fed up. You have too much to do and you feel overwhelmed and more piles on, including what you never imagined. Your loved one gets tired or grouchy. Your loved one gets deeply depressed because things are not good, and your loved one wants you and others to be happy too. Your loved one has a few obnoxious habits. That annoying little thing he or she does. That annoying little thing you do. You do what you can. The one you care about does his or her best. You love each other. It’s true, you can’t fix it all, undo all that’s wrong. But you can do what you can while you can. Someday, when it’s all over, life begins again. Your loved one is free of the old limits, the disabilities, the indignities. Perhaps if there is a world beyond this, that better afterlife we long for, we will meet again. You are free. Life begins anew, all a fresh start. It will not be the same. But there will be other people. Life will get better. Do not give up. Do not let yourself die. Do not let yourself live alone. Do not linger in the past. The one you love would want the best new life for you, if he or she could tell you and get beyond that self.

I write this for me. I write this for friends. There are people we miss. There are people I will miss when they are gone, and nothing I do can change that inevitability, as much as I wish it could all get better. But we each want and need a new life, a new tomorrow, a fresh start. It will get better eventually, because it has to. Life continues. There is another life out there, and you and I and our friends will live it.

Remember too, a reminder to you and me, there is somebody out there somewhere who needs to know they have friends, a today, a this week, a tomorrow, a future down the line. And somewhere out there, there is another someone, a friend to be, a someone special, a best friend, a main squeeze, a lifelong love. That is someone your loved one would want you to find. Don’t forget. And don’t give up.