Cool Sites

Author Fandoms

Closed Circle
Closed Circle Productions ~ ebooks from C.J. Cherryh, Jane Fancher, and Lynn Abbey
A Closed-Circle Story ~ Remember the Hyphen!
An unofficial C.J. Cherryh fan site, with discussion forums.
C.J. Cherryh’s website.
Wave Without A Shore
C.J. Cherryh’s blog.
Jane S. Fancher’s website.
Harmonies of the Net
Jane S. Fancher’s blog.
Lynn Abbey’s website.
Face of Chaos
Lynn Abbey’s blog.
Thieves’ World Forever
Lynn Abbey’s Thieves’ World site, blog, and wiki.
Patricia Briggs
Patricia Briggs’ Site and Blog.
Hurog Family Forum
Patricia Briggs’ Fan Forum.
Jim C. Hines ~ Website
Jim C. Hines’ Website.
Jim C. Hines ~ Blog
Jim C. Hines’ Blog.
Vonda N. McIntyre
Vonda N. McIntyre’s Website.
Book View Café
Ebooks by several authors, including Ms. McIntyre.
Andre Norton Books
Andre Norton books, official fan site.

Silver Screen ~ TV and Movies

  1. ~ Farscape Fan Forum.
  2. ApolloCon ~ Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Houston, TX.
  3. The Signal ~ Firefly Serenity Podcast, Website, Forum.
  4. ~ Farscape Podcast and Forum.
  5. Tuning In To Sci-Fi TV ~ Sci-Fi TV and Film Podcast and Forum.

Star Trek Fandom

  1. ~ Hidden Frontier ~ Star Trek fanfilms and forum, portal to other fanfilm projects.
  2. Star Trek: Aurora
  3. Star Trek: Continues ~ Video Drama
  4. Star Trek: Excelsior | Star Trek: Excelsior ~ Forums ~ Audio Drama
  5. Starship Exeter
  6. Star Trek: Farragut
  7. Star Trek: Intrepid | Star Trek: Intrepid: Forums
  8. Star Trek: Outpost ~ Audio Drama
  9. Star Trek: Phase II ~ Formerly Star Trek: New Voyages ~ Vidoe Drama
  10. Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny ~ Audio Drama
  11. Star Trek: The Continuing Mission ~ Audio Drama

Audio Drama

  5. Melting Clock Productions


  1. ~ The Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour;
  2. Project Gutenberg ~ Free ebooks!
  3. Pigs, Gourds, and Wikis ~ Elizabeth Castro’s Blog.
  4. Behind the Name
  5. Baby Names
  6. Occupational Names

Cool LGBT Resources

  1. Codey’s World boy’s dream. A friendly website with stories and poetry. Codey began the site with Blue in August 2006. Now owned by Tim (Codey’s surviving partner) and run by Colin Kelly. Ben Whisman volunteered there as Blue, web admin and editor from August 2006 to January 2010. He stepped down due to ongoing disagreements with Tim, Codey’s surviving partner. Regrettably, the situation there has not improved, and Ben can no longer recommend the site. It is included here due to an extensive past body of work.
  2. The Mustard Jar Stories by Ronyx. Gay-friendly fiction.
  3. The Mail Crew An information and support site for e-mail groups that encourage gay, lesbian, bi, and not-sure high school students to communicate with one another on a personal, at-home level.
  1. Matthew’s Place by the Matthew Shepard Foundaction. See also their Erase Hate campaign and wear a wristband or t-shirt.
  2. Stop Bullying Now. See the film. (This is about school and cyber- and town bullying of any student, regardless of any perceived or assumed personal qualities.)
  3. LGBT College Guide by ~ A short guide to resources for LGBT students. The guide offers resources and things to consider when choosing a college or university, scholarships, and other aspects of campus life.
  4. Campus Pride ~ Resources for LGBT Students and Allies, including an Index rating that gives details on friendly campuses.

YouTube LGBT Resources

  1. It Gets Better Project by Dan Savage and his partner Terry. Also be sure to check the video by Chris Colfer (Kurt on Glee).
  2. The Trevor Project See also the movie, Trevor, and the Trevor Hotline.
  3. Joel Burns – Fort Worth city councilman, 2010. A heartfelt public statement regarding recent suicides of gay and gay-perceived teens.

Area LGBT Resources

If you are in crisis right now and need support, please call or click the following:

If you are age 13 – 20 and need peer support in the Houston, Texas area: